Testimonial - Children's Hospital Boston


"We use STAT TICKET on over 8,500 workstations at Children’s Hospital Boston. Our initial deployment three years ago of approximately 1,200 clinical workstations in some of our most acute care areas was targeted for busy clinicians to have a quick and easy way to send comprehensive error or general application issue reports to the Help Desk and application support personnel. It was so successful in these areas that we have now deployed it hospital-wide.
The clinician time that is saved is truly invaluable. Because the tickets contain screenshots and comprehensive technical data that could never be conveyed via a phone call, it’s often not necessary to play phone/pager tag with the clinician to gain further issue information. STAT TICKET even allows us to proactively fix potentially widespread problems long before they spread throughout the environment.
I highly recommend this application to any hospital struggling with wasted time in multiple Help Desk calls..."

          Children's Hospital Boston