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It's easy and fast



One mouse click issue reporting

This is the minimum effort necessary to send a STAT Ticket to the Help Desk or any other department or person "listening" for relevant tickets. User entered comments are often unnecessary if the on screen error is self-explanatory. This simple feature is why STATTicket is so popular with end users and why adoption is several times greater than web based issue reporting.

Keyword Ticket Routing



If you make it simple, they will use it...

By allowing subject matter experts from different departments to create their own keywords, you eliminate the need for numerous web forms for every department. Keywords not only include text the sender entered but also metadata that is automatically included in the ticket such as PC name, user’s name, the name of the active application or website, phone, email, location, sender phone number, and much more. For example:

  •  An SME working on the EHR team might have keywords such as “EHR, EMR, patient, MRN, Cerner, MediTech” as just a few of their keywords. When a ticket is sent that includes these words either because the clinician typed them or because they’re present in the metadata automatically gathered, the SME will receive an email notification and optionally the ticket can be sent to the Help Desk Ticketing system.
  • The biomed department would receive email notifications when a ticket was created containing the keywords “IV” or “pump”.
  • The engineering department would receive an email whenever a ticket arrived containing the text “leak”, “elevator”, or “outlet”.




See what they see

A Screen shot of the desktop and the active application is automatically included in each STAT Ticket. For Help Desk personnel, a picture is worth a thousand words. Often times the screenshot is all the IT department needs to resolve the issue and it is not necessary to contact the end user for additional information, saving valuable time and wasteful phone tag. The screenshot is taken when STATTicket is first launched by the end user and can optionally be reviewed and retaken if necessary.

PC state information



Username, PC name, time, running process list included with every ticket

The moment STATTicket is launched, valuable troubleshooting information is gathered:

Proactive Check Support



Proactive Computer Health Checks

STAT Ticket supports proactive computer system health check verification by Help Desk management personnel. Here’s how it works:

  1. A Help Desk employee walking through the facility finds a computer and performs a health check of a computer.
  2. They launch STAT Ticket and go the Options Tab where they report the status of the computer and click Send.
  3. The STAT Ticket is sent to the Help Desk management application along with information about the state of the PC when the Help Desk employee was at the computer.
  4. If there was a problem with the PC the ticket is routed to the proper IT resources and if there were no problems the ticket is automatically closed and credited to Help Desk employee performing the health check.
  5. Any other PC or application with STATTicket Custom Modules