Q:   We already have a Help Desk application, why would we want STAT Ticket?

A:   Because STAT Ticket is NOT a Help Desk application. STAT Ticket is a user friendly, front line program that encourages end user feedback by providing a simple interface along with facility ubiquity. Behind the simple STAT Ticket client interface are intelligent data gathering modules that pack the user’s feedback with actionable and timesaving information such as the user’s name, phone, pager, PC location, screen shots, active application, and much more. All this information is used by the STAT Ticket server to determine the proper recipients.

Q:   How long does it take to install and deploy STAT Ticket?

A:   The server component installs in about 2 hours if you choose to have tickets sent to email. For tickets to be sent to an existing Help Desk system installation times may vary depending on the system.
     STAT Ticket client deployment time depends on your enterprise distribution process (SMS, LANDesk, Active Directory). We provide a client setup package. If you already have Microsoft .Net 3.5 installed on your PCs client deployment will go much faster. A conservative estimate for client deployment to 1000 PCs is 1 week.

Q:   Will STAT Ticket work with my current Help Desk application?

A:   Most likely the answer is yes. Most Help Desk systems provide an email or web services interface for external ticket sources and direct end user email. If your Service Desk application does not have an email monitor or web services interface we can most likely still interface with it.

Q:   How do I add more information about the PC or an application running on our PCs to STAT Ticket?

A:   Contact us, we may already have the module built. If not, we can usually turn around client or server extension modules quickly depending upon the complexity. STAT Ticket is designed with modular extensibility in mind.

Q:   Can we install STAT Ticket ourselves?

A:   Client = Yes. Server = No. The client installs with a typical Windows installer wizard and can also be deployed silently via a desktop management system such as SMS, LANDesk, or Active Directory group policy. The STAT Ticket server is installed by one of our installation engineers.