An Introduction to Stat Ticket


     Infrastructure and technology issues are interruptive, expensive and time consuming; reporting them should not be. STAT Ticket is a unique infrastructure support tool that eases the friction of reporting nearly any facility or IT issue while significantly increasing both the quality and frequency of issue reporting. By adding the STAT Ticket icon to all workstations, employees quickly get used to the simplicity of reporting issues that in the past had gone unreported due to time constraints or the numerous and sometimes difficult-to-navigate departmental portals.

Information Technology (STAT Ticket's roots)
Unlike traditional self-service Help Desk software, only a couple clicks of the mouse are needed for an end user to create a detailed help desk ticket. Within seconds, STAT Ticket gathers information critical to resolving the issue, quickly notifies support staff and returns your employees back to work. IT staff love STAT Ticket because it silently gathers valuable point in time troubleshooting information such as a screen shot, user name, pc name, running applications, system resources, network data and more. This snap shot of the problem gives IT information that would otherwise be lost and greatly reduces time to resolution. STAT Tickets can be sent to email or most existing popular help desk systems.

STAT Ticket is not just for reporting IT issues. With the intelligent rules engine and text messaging support, STAT Ticket excels at reporting any number of issues related to facility infrastructure such as building maintenance, biomed, HR, general comments, ...the sky’s the limit.